British Sighthound Field Association

Meeting Dates For 2018

25th March - 15th April - 13th May - 17th June -
22nd July - 12th August - 23rd September - 14th October

Meeting Dates For 2019

17th March - 14th April - 19th May - 16th June -
21st July - 18th August - 15th September - 13th October

Waiting for the off!Lure Coursing is a fun sport for sighthounds who have been prized since the earliest times for their ability to use sight, speed and agility to catch fleeing game.

We use an artificial lure (plastic bags!) propelled by an electric motor around a course laid out with special pulleys to mimic the path a hare might take over open ground. A lure driver controls the speed of the lure by remote control and the dog's performance is assessed by experienced judges across a range of criteria.

Afghan Hound Chasing LureIn addition to enjoying a pleasant day out among other sighthound enthusiasts and watching the dogs perform in their element, there are a number of monthly awards, yearly trophies and lure coursing titles to compete for.

Our members are very welcoming to newcomers and there is plenty of help on hand.