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BSFA 2019 Season Summary

After the difficulties of 2018 where, due to the weather, we had to cancel 4 meetings, the committee were anxious to see what 2019 would bring. However, it has proved to be a great year. We did cancel the September meeting as there was an outbreak of Kennel Cough and it seemed the most responsible course of action. Our luck with the weather ran out for the last meeting in October and due to the difficulties of judging in high winds and heavy rain, we decided to just have a social meeting and do trials and fun runs.

A total of 8 injuries were reported over the season. The worst of which is a broken toe. Toe injuries seem to make up most of the rest of the injuries.

All the equipment has run well with no major problems but some minor issues held up the morning runs in August.

Kate Bent very generously offered to do a cake stall at meetings which has proved very popular and has also generated some more income for the club.

The upshot of this is that the criteria for the Lure Courser of the Year awards was lowered from needing a minimum of 8 scored runs to qualify, to needing 6 scored runs. A "scored run" means that the dog must have received a score from both judges, run's that are deemed void for any reason do not count.

Lure Courser Of The YearSummer Shay Jay Jay (Saluki)S Snape
Afghan Hound Lure Courser Of The YearNightwind Xactly What I WantH Kreipe
Reserve Afghan Hound Lure Courser Of The YearDiadema Ot IV Zaraut at ZushkhanH Kreipe
Best Afghan Hound PuppyWay Up Travis ScottE Booth & B Fry
Basenj Lure Courser Of The YearWoodella True SongJ Palubicki
Reserve Basenji Lure Courser Of The YearAksaifleet I'm CheetahT Holloway
Basenji VeteranCrystal Javelin OntarioT Holloway
Silken Windhound Lure Courser Of The YearISWS Ch. Allagante Winsome RivieraH Tringham
Best Windhound Silken PupKushbudar Velvet MoonH Tringham
Best of the Mixed GroupBazinga Bazooka the Dragonslayer (Pharaoh)T Hansen/A Svaldenyte
Best LurcherTwigB Seviour
Reserve LurcherKhaleesiS Layfield
Saluki Lure Courser Of The YearSummer Shay Jay JayS Snape
Reserve Saluki Lure Courser Of The YearZeynaA & D Crane
Veteran SalukiCharrioak Jabat al AkrabS Snape
Whippet Lure Courser Of The YearDhamadhatu Saffron MoonJ Walker
Joint Reserve Whippet Lure Courser Of The YearDhamadhatu Babbling BrookJ Walker
Laguna Layla's Lancer at LavebellaG Bell
Best Whippet PuppyDharmadhatu Tutti FruittiJ Walker
Veteran WhippetDashing DexterP Hill
Reserve Veteran WhippetWinterfellin Rosa BelleS Layfield

All finalists for Lure Courser of the Year are shown in the table below. Congratulations to all of them.

BreedDogs NameOwnerScorePlace
SalukiSummer Shay Jay JaySnape, S41
WhippetDhamadhatu Saffron MoonWalker, J82
WhippetDhamadhatu Babbling BrookWalker, J143
WhippetLaguna Layla's Lancer at LavebellaBell, G143
WhippetDharmadhatu Tutti Fruitti Walker, J154
WhippetWheatroyd Blissful ChimesCloke, J154
WhippetPrincess OctaviaHill, P175
WhippetWheatroyd Midnight ChimesCloke, J175
WhippetWinterfellin Gotta DashElliott, E175
WhippetLaguna Lawn’s LupinWainman, L M186
WhippetZoraden Paint It BlackWebber, D197
WhippetLavebella Empire Born To RunJohnstone, E & D208
Afghan HoundWay Up Travis ScottBooth, E & Fry, B229
WhippetDashing DexterHill, P229
SalukiZeynaCrane, D & A2310
WhippetRanveli Swede As Honey At LavebellaBell, G2310
WhippetEvaluna Black OrchidSeviour, R2511
WhippetRoxyHerron-Mayers, J2511
WhippetWinterfellin Rosa BelleLayfield, S2712
SalukiCharrioak Jabhat al Akrab Snape, S2813
WhippetOlympic WarriorHill, P2813
WhippetWinscott LizzieKeene, C & R2813
WhippetDharmadhatu Doodle Noodle Walker, J2914
WhippetLaguna Laces LokiParkinson, N2914
WhippetPrince OrlandoHill, P2914
SalukiLucyKench, M & S3315
WhippetAmeesha Midget GemBishop, H3315
WhippetVeruglas Simply SaffronWalker, J3315
SalukiCharrioak Delta LeonisSnape, S & K3416
WhippetAmeesha Pure SatinHill, P3416
WhippetLavebella Diamond DestinyBell, G3416
WhippetNigelBishop, H3416
WhippetSilverhare Full SpeedaheadSechiari, F3416
BasenjiWoodella True SongPalubicki, J3517
WhippetWinterfellin Merry MayhemLayfield, S3517
WhippetReflejando En NegraSevern, J3618
WhippetWheatroyd BanksySmith, C3719
BasenjiAksaifleet I'm CheetahHolloway, T3820
WhippetDerohan AttractionWebber, D3820
WhippetWinterfellin Let Me LooseLayfield, S3820
SalukiBonnieGunn, C & Thorley, A4021
Afghan HoundNightwind Xactly What I WantKreipe, H4222
SalukiYamanjaGunn, C & Thorley, A4323
WhippetLaguna Lucie LockettWainman, L M4323
WhippetMoonlake My WayRobertson, G4424
WhippetJust A DashParkinson, N4525
WhippetLaguna Lively LeveretNewman, J & Moriarty, E4525
WhippetNattah Venus' One DreamSevern, J4525
Afghan HoundDiadema Ot IV Zaraut at ZushkhanKreipe, H4626
WhippetWinterfellin Must Be CrazyLayfield, S4626
BasenjiNganga’s Princess Snow WhitePalubicki, J4827
WhippetLadygrove Dosey DoeJohnstone, E & D4827
BasenjiAksaifleet Russki RoseHolloway, T4928
WhippetNattah Elouise MoonSevern, J5029
WhippetSilverhare Farah's SunspeedSechiari, F5130
WhippetSimply the Best StrikesBishop, H5431
WhippetBarmoll's Bears BoyMarcovecchio, S B5532
Afghan HoundLaavas Opportunity ScentWoodward, P5633
BasenjiAksaifleet I’m JaguarKirpalani, A5633
Pharaoh HoundBazinga Bazooka the DragonslayerSvaldenyte<, A5633
SalukiLegolasSchafer, A5633
WhippetNattah Butterfly KissesSevern, J5734
Afghan HoundLaavas Opportunity KnocksWoodward, P5835
BasenjiCrystal Javelin OntarioHolloway, T6336
WhippetDeljorhea Dream Racer at NattahSevern, J6336
Afghan HoundLaavas Opportunity SeizedWoodward, P7837
BorzoiMournebrake Cookies 'n' CreamParkinson, R8438
WhippetWinterfellin Dashin CometElliott, E8839

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