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29/10/2019: Lure Courser of the Year

The Lure Courser of the Year results are now available. Congratulations to the winners.

26/10/2019: Updated Points!

The long awaited update to the points has been done at last. As a result we have some new
BSFA Champions and more dogs that are a lot closer to gaining a title. We also have the first two dogs gaining the new title of Elite Lure Courser of Merit. Well done to both Harerunner Heartbeat and Summer Shay Jay Jay! The points table is updated but I have not, as yet, gone back and changed the points on the meeting reports.

For those unaware of the issue, here is a brief explanation: When the new scoring system was introduced at the beginning of 2017, the criteria to obtain title points which would accumulate towards the Lure Coursing titles, was a score that was in the top 20% of all scores at a meeting. The top 10% of the scores would receive 1 point, and the second 10% would earn half a point. Additionally, the Best in Field would be awarded an extra point and so would receive a total of 2 points. It was said at the time that this level may need adjusting as we went on. It turned out that in the first few months of using the system, we had a large number of tied scores! This meant that far more dogs got points than we anticipated. The levels were amended to be a total of the top 10%, 5% receiving 1 point and a further 5% receiving half a point with the Best in Field still earning an extra point. Suddenly, we had numerous meetings with hardly any tied scores at the top and far too few dogs gaining points! After leaving things as they were and observing the numbers for a while, we concluded that we should go back to the original level of 20% of the top scores to receive points, with this change to be back dated to the start of us adopting the new system. It seems that while we may have months where the number of ties means over half the field gets points, this will be balanced out in other months. It has taken a while to find the time to do the update when there is sufficient time to check and double check that everything is right. That said, if you find any mistakes, please let us know! Thank you very much to our members for patiently waiting for this update to happen.

5/9/2019: Cancelled Meeting

Due to the Kennel Cough which is currently doing the rounds, the committee have decided that the September 15th meeting should be cancelled. The meeting scheduled for 13th October should be unaffected.

3/07/2019: Finally, A New Website!

There are plenty of things to add and some tidying up but hopefully it works for the most part.

If you find broken links, typo's or have ideas of things you would like to see please contact us.

21/06/2019: Did You Know We Are On Facebook?

We have a Facebook group called "British Sighthound Field Association" which is open to people interested in the BSFA. You can find it by clicking on the Facebook logo at the top of the page. It's a good place to ask questions and see photos from meetings. It should not be used for comments about entries or anything needing an official answer, those should be sent by email or the Facebook account below. BSFA officials do not necessarily have the time to read every comment made there just in case there's an entry.

We also have a Facebook account called Lure Coursing. Enquiries and entries can be sent to this account.

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