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Beginner's Guide




Is Your Sighthound Fit Enough To Lure Course?

Lure coursing is a strenuous activity so you need to make sure your sighthound is fit enough to begin.

Your sighthound should be:

- over 12 months old
- a healthy weight
- getting daily exercise, preferably both road work and free running
- free from injury, illness or lameness
- free of parasites

Additionally, the dogs nails should be a suitable length. Too long and they can be a source of injury by digging in to the ground too far and twisting the toe but equally, if they are too short, this may lead to a lack of traction and possible injuries. The photo illustrates a good nail length for lure coursing but there a number of variations to consider, such as foot shape. If you are unsure, please ask for advice.

Good length of nails for lure coursing on whippet

If you have any doubts about your dogs fitness to take part, you should consult your Vet beforehand.

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