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Beginner's Guide




Basic Rules For Attending A Meeting

It is really important that if your dog is going to run, they are not fed or given a large drink for at least 2 hours beforehand. To run a sighthound on a full stomach may cause or contribute to gastic torsion which is a very painful and dangerous condition. If your dog is running in the morning and afternoon give them a small drink of water and a very light snack if necessary. Dogs are so excited and distracted at meetings, they will not be thinking about their stomachs (for once :-) ).

Your dog must be kept on the lead at all times unless they are running. Due to the danger posed by loose dogs running onto the coursing field while dogs are running, there is a £10 fine for any loose dogs, whether or not they run onto the coursing field.

On the subject of leads, we discourage the use of extending leads at meetings on safety grounds. While dogs are in the parking area, if you are using an extending lead it must be kept locked at a sensible length. They are absolutely not allowed on the lure coursing field, so if that is all you have, please let a member of the committee know and we will find another lead you can borrow.

Most dogs enjoy the social side of meetings too but please remember not all dogs are friendly to others and be slightly cautious until you are sure they are OK. Likewise, please be realistic about your dogs social skills.

Regrettably, barbeques are not allowed.

Children are welcome but must be supervised at all times.

Ball games and frisbees, for dogs or children, are not a good idea!

Owners must clear up after their dogs and all rubbish should be placed in the bin bags provided or taken home with you.

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