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August 2019 Pack of the Month

Our Brindled Pack, Elizabeth Johnstone

Jink, Phena and Rasmus We’ve always had dogs. They are part of our family first and foremost. There has been a Springer spaniel, a Bedlington terrier and a whippet (Fosseland Sandman). When I met David he had a lurcher named Chance and my family always had gundogs. Despite the fact that we bought a book on whippets when we were first engaged, it was only with the arrival of Bill that we finally got around to having one. Bill died at the age of 14 but by then the sweetness of his disposition and his natural athleticism had won us over to whippets for ever.

One day David went to Tesco’s for some kitchen roll and met Suzie Logan who told him she and Sharon Dalgleish had just had a litter of whippet puppies. David said we’d better go just to have a look and we fell for Korky instantly at one week old!

Korky It was only when we bought Korky (Harerunner Heaven Sent) that we were introduced to the world of lure coursing. We became fans of the sport because our dogs adored it so much.

We bought Phena (Ladygrove Dosey Doe), bred by Sue Phillips, because, after Bill died, Korky suffered badly from separation anxiety – something which was cured overnight by the arrival of a small and bossy little creature who liked nothing better than to curl up inside the protection of her new big brother when she was tired and wanted to nap. With only ten months between them their bond was instant. Phena just likes to run and doesn’t like it when the lure stops, so much so that, as many know, she can be hard to catch when her run is over!

Jink, Korky and Phena I have always loved the Adagio line so when Gaynor Bell, up in Carlisle, mentioned that she was having a litter sired by Ch. Adagio Empire Of The Sun For Ranveli, I was immediately making plans to take a train to Carlisle.

Jink (Lavebella Empire Born To Run) was named Born to Run because I’m a Bruce Springsteen fan and that night in the hotel in Carlisle there was a documentary on about him. It seemed like a sign. I suppose it could have gone badly wrong and Jink might not have lived up to the name I gave him but, as it turned out, he’s a pretty good lure courser.

Jink in action

Jink, Phena and Rasmus

Sadly, we lost dear Korky to a bad accident not related to lure coursing, and the new member of the pack Rasmus (Ranveli French Fancie) bred by Rob Wheeler, is loud, boisterous and keen; he seems to like the lure too. We shall see if he follows in cousin Jink’s footsteps when he is old enough to start lure coursing.

Rasmus Losing Korky had a profound effect on Phena. For about a year she would race after dogs on the beach if their shape suggested it might be him; it broke our hearts to see it. She has a good relationship with the other two but not the closeness she had with Korky. Phena is our pack’s mother figure. She keeps the boys in order and attempts to protect them from any dogs she sees as a threat, no matter how big they are! Jink, quiet and sweet natured, just does as he’s told, saving all his energy and determination for the serious stuff of lure coursing. Rasmus, still a puppy and rambunctious with it, makes sure his presence is felt wherever he is; but as he approaches his first birthday is proving to be just as sweet, obedient, intelligent and keen to run, as the other two.

Trainng on the beach

Phena trains the boys on the beach which is their regular exercise regime.

So, that’s our pack. Hard to tell them apart because we love that colouring so much – Phena’s fault she was the first. We’re pleased if they win a race but that’s not the point; as long as they are mad to run we’ll let them run. What joy they bring!

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