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Events & Results





Judges: Hannah Bishop and Sue Meecham.
Lure Drivers: Chris Cloke and Diana Webber.
Course Design: by Chris Cloke.
Ground conditions: soft.
Weather: Very cold. Early rain which cleared before we had finished setting up.
Entries: 83 with 1 absent on the day.
Trials: A total of 26 trials (morning plus afternoon)

Best of Breed Awards

Afghan Hounds: Laavas Oportunity Scent (Woodward, P)
Basenji: Aksaifleet I'm Cheetah (Holloway, T)
Mixed Group: Khaleesi (Layfield, S) and Twig (Seviour, R)
Saluki: Summer Shay Jay Jay (Snape, S & K)
Silken Windhound: Kushbudar Chu Chulain and Kushbudar Velvet Moon Tringham, H
Whippet: Wheatroyd Midnight Chimes (Cloke, J)
Best Puppy In Field: Nigel (Bishop, H)
2nd Best Puppy In Field: Norman (Bishop, H)


Khaleesi (Layfield, S)

I can't remember who got the second JC rosette, if anyone knows, please tell me and I can fill this in.

BEST IN FIELD: Summer Shay Jay Jay (Snape, S & K)

2nd Best in Field: Wheatroyd Midnight Chimes (Cloke, J) and Lavebella Empire Born To Run (Johnstone, E)
3rd Best in Field: Dhamadhatu Babbling Brook (Walker, J) and Princess Octavia (Hill, P)

Afghan Hound
74.540.52Laavas Opportunity Scent (BOB)Woodward, P
7292 Laavas Opportunity KnocksWoodward, P
69.5142Nightwind Xactly What I WantKreipe, H
65.5192Laavas Opportunity SeizedWoodward, P
72.583Diadema Ot IV Zaraut at Zushkhan (BIC)Kreipe, H

7372Aksaifleet I'm Cheetah (BOB)Holloway, T
71112Aksaifleet Russki RoseHolloway, T
71112Aksaifleet I’m JaguarKirpalani, A
70.5122Nganga’s Princess Snow WhitePalubicki, J
72.583Woodella True Song (BIC)Palubicki, J
67184Crystal Javelin Ontario (BIC)Holloway, T

Mixed Group
63204Mournebrake Cookies 'n' CreamParkinson, R
69152Zoraden Love Man (BOG)Allen, D & A
723Khaleesi (BOG)Layfield, S
723Twig (BOG)Seviour, R
Pharaoh Hound
68172Bazinga Bazooka the Dragonslayer (BOB)Svaldenyte, A

71112Zeyna (BIC)Crane, D & A
76123Summer Shay Jay Jay (BIF)Snape, S
7373BonnieGunn, C & Thorley, A
72.583YamanjaGunn, C & Thorley, A
72.583EshaalSchafer, A
72.583LegolasSchafer, A
70133Charrioak Delta LeonisSnape, S & K
72.584Charrioak Jabhat al Akrab (BIC)Snape, S
70.5124LucyKench, M & S

Silken Windhound
711Kushbudar Velvet MoonTringham, H
661Kushbudar Star of CashmereTringham, H
632Aslan of SilkenjoyGreatorex, T
713Kushbudar Chu ChulainTringham, H
673Kushbudhar The Hearts CryLewis, S
62.53Kushbudhar Reel Around The SunGreatorex, T
704ISWS Ch. Allagante Winsome RivieraTringham, H

7450.51Nigel (BIC)Bishop, H
71111NormanBishop, H
75.5212Wheatroyd Midnight Chimes (BOB)Cloke, J
75.5212Lavebella Empire Born To Run (BIC)Johnstone, E & D
75312Dhamadhatu Babbling BrookWalker, J
75312Princess OctaviaHill, P
7450.52Dhamadhatu Saffron MoonWalker, J
73.560.52Zoraden Paint It BlackWebber, D
72.582Evaluna Black OrchidSeviour, R
72.582Prince OrlandoHill, P
70.5122Winterfellin Let Me LooseLayfield, S
70132Zoraden Darkest WingsWebber, D
69.5142Winterfellin Must Be CrazyLayfield, S
69.5142Reflejando En NegraSevern, J
69152Magia BlacoSevern, J
69152Wheatroyd MonetHutt, N & L
69152Licketysplit One Of A KindMarshall, BP & TA
69152Nattah Venus' One DreamSevern, J
7450.53Amesha Midget Gem (BIC)Bishop, H
7450.53Roxy (BIC)Herron-Mayers, J
7450.53Winterfellin Merry Mayhem (BIC)Layfield, S
7373Winterfellin Vanilla SkyMeecham, S
7373Winterfellin Gotta DashElliott, E
72.583Laguna Laces LokiParkinson, N
7293Dark WingWebber, D
71.5103Olympic WarriorHill, P
71.5103Nattah Butterfly KissesSevern, J
71.5103Ladygrove Dosey DoeJohnstone, E & D
70.5123Little RosieBrown, G
70133Ameesha Pure SatinHill, P
69153Just A DashParkinson, N
69153Nattah Mazarine BlueEdwards, L
68.5163Nattah Silver LiningSevern, J
74.540.54Winterfellin Rosa Belle (BIC)Layfield, S
73.560.54Dashing DexterHill, P
71.5104Cloia Aur MilgiMarshall, BP & TA
71114Moonlake MazdaRobertson, G
71114Laguna Lively LeveretNewman, J & Moriarty, E
71114Veruglas Simply SaffronWalker, J
70134Nattah Elouise MoonSevern, J
69154Moonlake Make a WishRobertson, G
68.5164Deljorhea Dream Racer at NattahSevern, J