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In order to help get things set up a bit earlier than has happened at the last few meetings, we decided to try and get to the field half an hour earlier. Set the alarm clock for 4 am and managed to get up when it went off. Not that it's any great feat. What would be more remarkable, would be if I managed to carry on sleeping while Ayoubkhan Fleur Der Mer (Magus) throws himself on top of me and lies there quivering with excitement while screaming down my ear that it's lure coursing day.

There was light rain and a gorgeous pastel rainbow when we set off, the promise of a wonderful day to come. I never get tired of the journey down the A303 from Somerset in the early morning and the sunrise did not disappoint.

We did arrive at 7:30 am to find Neil and Lorna Hutt already there. The dogs got a quick walk up and down the field and by the time we were finished the rest of the committee had turned up and we began setting up. We were short-handed as a few committee members were unable to attend.

I was very pleased to see more people walking the course with Julia to check it over before the start of the trials. The angles have to be checked for all the turns to make sure that they are not too tight and extra pulleys put in if necessary. Anything that might be a hazard is removed and any holes filled in with compost.

The field was in wonderful condition. The committee were worried earlier in the month that the ground would be too hard as it had been very dry and hot. Then we worried about possible waterlogging for all the rain in the week preceding the meeting (last years wash-out still looms large!) but it was perfect with a good cushioning of grass.

There seemed quite a few whippet puppies around which s always nice. Mike Strong judged for the first time and seemed to enjoy it. He has done his training with diligence and I hope he will judge again for us soon. I gather there were some stunning performances from the dogs and no injuries have been reported. The equipment worked well and there were few hold ups.

It was very exciting to see three Pharaoh Hounds at the meeting, and I'm happy to report that we have a new Pharaoh member, could this be the start of a Pharaoh Hound class at long last?

Lure Drivers: Chris Cloke and Diana Webber.
Course Design: by Chris Cloke.
Ground conditions: excellent!
Weather: Very good. A light shower in the morning and sunshine and cloud cover along with a cold wind.
Entries: 67 dogs with 12 absent on the day.
Trials: 13 morning, 6 afternoon.

Best of Breeds

Basenji: Woodella True Song (Palubicki, J)
Lurcher: Ebony (Hutt, N & L)
Pharaoh Hound: Bazinga the Desert Dragoness (Svaldenyte, A)
Saluki: Summer Shay Jay Jay (Snape, S & K)
Silken Windhound: Kristull Xquizitte (Lewis, S & Rodgers, J)
Whippet: Dhamadhatu Saffron Moon (Walker, J)
Best Puppy In Field: Dharmadhatu Tutti Fruitti (Walker, J)
2nd Best Puppy In Field: Way Up Travis Scott (Booth, E & B)
3RD Best Puppy In Field: Dharmadhatu Doodle Noodle (Walker, J)


MIKE STRONG: Ebony (Hutt, N & L), for a wonderful course especially after breaking her leg as a puppy and going though a long recovery.

JULIA CLOKE: Lavebella Empire Born To Run (Johnstone, E) and Winterfellin Gotta Dash (Elliott, E) for a fantastic course. A piece of the lure came off and Lavebella Empire Born To Run instantly stopped and 'killed' it which is exactly what a good hunting dog should do. Winterfellin Gotta Dash went head over heels at one point but landed back on his feet and carried straight on without missing a step.

BEST IN FIELD: Dhamadhatu Saffron Moon (Walker, J)

2nd Best in Field: Winterfellin Gotta Dash and Ranveli Swede As Honey At Lavebella
3rd Best in Field: Laguna Laylas Lancer at Lavebella

Puppy Group (Class One)
ScoreRankPoints ClassNameOwner
80.5 5 0.5 1 Way Up Travis Scott (2nd) Booth, E & Fry, B
86.5 1 1 1 Dharmadhatu Tutti Fruitti (BPIF) Walker, J
78 10 1 Dharmadhatu Doodle Noodle (3rd) Walker, J
77.5 11 1 Flash Gordon Swinyard Keene, C & R
73 18 1 Winterfellin Tallenger Meecham, S
67 25 1 Winterfellin Dashin Comet Elliott, E
53 30 1 Our Lady In Red Gee, L & K

ScoreRankPoints ClassNameOwner
76.5 2 Ebony (BOG) Hutt, N & L
76 3 Twig Seviour, R
70.5 3 Fern Sechiari, F

Pharaoh Hound
ScoreRankPoints ClassNameOwner
62.5 28 2 Bazinga the Desert Dragoness (BOB) Hansen, S
59.5 29 2 Bazinga Bazooka the Dragonslayer Svaldenyte, A

ScoreRankPoints ClassNameOwner
72 19 2 Aksaifleet I'm Cheetah (BIC) Holloway, T
68 24 2 Aksaifleet Russki Rose Holloway, T
66 26 2 Aksaifleet I'm Jaguar Kirpalani, A
59.5 29 2 Nganga's Princess Snow White Palubicki, J
74.5 16 3 Woodella True Song (BOB) Palubicki, J
67 25 4 Crystal Javelin Ontario (BIC) Holloway, T

ScoreRankPoints ClassNameOwner
75.5 14 2 Zeyna (BIC) Crane, D & A
78.5 9 3 Summer Shay Jay Jay (BOB) Snape, S
69 23 3 Charrioak Delta Leonis Snape, S & K
78 10 4 Charrioak Jabhat al Akrab (BIC) Snape, S
68 24 4 Lucy Kench, M & S

Silken Windhound
ScoreRankPoints ClassNameOwner
76.5 2 Kristull Xquizitte (BOB) Lewis, S & Rodgers, J
66 2 Aslan of Silkenjoy Greatorex, T
68 3 Kushbudhar The Hearts Cry (BIC) Lewis, S
67.5 3 Kushbudhar Reel Around The Sun Greatorex, T

ScoreRankPoints ClassNameOwner
82.5 2 2 2 Dhamadhatu Saffron Moon (BIF) Walker, J
79.5 7 2 Zoraden Paint It Black Webber, D
79.5 7 2 Lavebella Empire Born To Run Johnstone, E & D
79.5 7 2 Silverhare Fizgig Sunburst Sechiari, F
74 17 2 Evaluna Black Orchid Seviour, R
65.5 27 2 Dhamadhatu Babbling Brook Walker, J
81.5 3 1 3 Winterfellin Gotta Dash (JBIC) Elliott, E
81.5 3 1 3 Ranveli Swede As Honey At Lavebella(JBIC) Bell, G
81 4 0.5 3 Laguna Laylas Lancer at Lavebella Bell, G
79.5 7 3 Laguna Lawn's Lupin Wainman, L M
79 8 3Ryemeadows Zara at Veloxcanis Bent, K
76.5 13 3 Lavebella Diamond Destiny Bell, G
75 15 3Just A Dash Parkinson, N
75 15 3 Laguna Laces Loki Parkinson, N
74.5 16 3 Ladygrove Dosey Doe Johnstone, E & D
73 18 3 Harerunner Halfpenny Meadham, S
73 18 3 Winscott Lizzie Keene, C & R
71.5 20 3 Ryemeadow Rags at Veloxcanis Bent, K & N
70.5 21 3 Ghost Train Rider of Pepwith Gee, L & K
69.5 22 3 Ryemeadows Roo Bell, G
69 23 3 Apricot Sunrise Gee, L & K
68 24 3 Mulcair Must Contain Nutz Armstrong, M A
80 6 0.5 4 Laguna Lucie Lockett (BIC) Wainman, L M
79 8 4 Silverhare Full Speedahead Sechiari, F
77.5 11 4 Silverhare Farah's Sunspeed Sechiari, F
77 12 4 Veruglas Simply Saffron Walker, J
72 19 4 Derohan Attraction Webber, D
72 19 4 Barmoll Bear's Boy Marcovecchio, S B

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