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Meeting Report by Graham Daw, Chairman.

Waiting To Go The day started out with sunshine and the field was in great shape despite worries earlier in the week about the hardness of the ground.

Set up was fairly smooth with some training being done on setting the course up by Chris, and walking the course being done by Julia.

All was ready by about 10.15 and trials started soon after with some very promising beginners.

The main morning runs started off with the puppies before continuing with the adults. All proceeded without problem and the lure machine ran perfectly having been given a bit of TLC, (grease and new Solenoids, to be exact) since the last meeting.

There was some more training on manning the entrance tent by James and lure driving by Chris.

The sky clouded over as the morning progressed and there was a short spit of rain during the lunch break. Which did cool things down a little but didn’t affect the running or get any dogs wet.

The afternoon runs went ahead without any hitches and there was time for a couple of fun runs at the end.

Fly’s score inputting skills were missed on the day (due to illness) but with her forward planning beforehand and Alison Crane kindly stepping in to help, meant everything ran smoothly on the admin side of things as well.

Julia's Cake A few members gathered together for a group photo as a ruse to be able to present Julia with a rather fabulous birthday cake made by Kate Bent who also bought a selection of scrumptious cakes for sale on the day.

Thank you to Sue for organising the raffle and selling tickets as usual and a big thank you to all those who helped with the set up and put away, and/or helped with the running of the meet to make an enjoyable day for all who attended.

Lure Drivers: Chris Cloke.
Course Design: by Chris Cloke.
Ground conditions: excellent!
Weather: Very good. A light shower in the morning and sunshine and cloud cover along with a cold wind.
Entries: 73 dogs with 3 absent on the day.
Trials: 7 morning & 7 afternoon.

Best of Breeds

Afghans: Nightwind Xactly What I Want (Kreipe, H)
Basenji: Woodella True Song (Palubicki, J)
Lurcher: Harvey (Hill, P)
Saluki: Summer Shay Jay Jay (Snape, S & K)
Whippet: Prince Orlando (Hill, P)

Best Puppy In Field: Moonlake Medium Blonde (Robertson, G)
2nd Best Puppy In Field: Nigel (Bishop, H)
3rd Best Puppy In Field: Dharmadhatu Tutti Fruitti (Walker, J)

Best Whippet Veteran (Sponsored by Lilah Wainman): Dashing Dexter (Hill, P)


Hannah Bishop: Fern (Sechiari, F). "Just a great course with some brilliant tight turns.
Bob Hardy: Silverhare Farah's Sunspeed (Sechiari, F) Ran true and didn't let the other dog distract it.

BEST IN FIELD: Summer Shay Jay Jay (Snape, S)

2nd Best in Field (Sponsored by Julia Cloke): Prince Orlando (Hill, P)
3rd Best in Field (Sponsored by Julia Cloke): Ameesha Wesley Strikes (Bishop, H)

Puppy Class
ScoreRankPointsClassDogs NameOwner
74121 Moonlake Medium Blonde (BPIF)Robertson, G
73211 Nigel (2nd)Bishop, H
71.5311Dharmadhatu Tutti Fruitti (3rd)Walker, J
7050.51 Way Up Travis ScottBooth, E & Fry, B
62.5131Winterfell Wish Upon A StarTodd, R
59201Winterfellin Dashin CometElliott, E
59201Winterfellin Dash at DawnLayfield, S
0331NormanBishop, H

Afghan Hound
ScoreRankPointsClassDogs NameOwner
60.5172 Nightwind Xactly What I Want (BOB)Kreipe, H
58222 Laavas Opportunity KnocksWoodward, P
55.5272 Laavas Opportunity ScentWoodward, P
53.5292 Laavas Opportunity SeizedWoodward, P
58223 Diadema Ot IV Zaraut at Zushkhan (BIC)Kreipe, H

ScoreRankPointsClassDogs NameOwner
62142 Aksaifleet I'm Cheetah (JBIC)Holloway, T
62142 Aksaifleet Russki Rose (JBIC)Holloway, T
61.5152 Nganga’s Princess Snow WhitePalubicki, J
58.5212Aksaifleet I’m JaguarKirpalani, A
63.5113 Woodella True Song (BOB)Palubicki, J
59204Crystal Javelin Ontario (BIC)Holloway, T

ScoreRankPointsClassDogs NameOwner
44304Mournebrake Cookies 'n' CreamParkinson, R

Member's Lurchers
ScoreRankPointsClassDogs NameOwner
69.51 Harvey (1st)Hill, P
643Fern (2nd)Sechiari, F
62.53Twig (3rd)Seviour, R
60.53Khaleesi Layfield, S

ScoreRankPointsClassDogs NameOwner
60.5172 Zeyna (BIC)Crane, D & A
71423 Summer Shay Jay Jay (BIF)Snape, S
60183Charrioak Delta LeonisSnape, S & K
59.5193YamanjaGunn, C & Thorley, A
62.5134Lucy (BIC)Kench, M & S
58224Charrioak Jabhat al Akrab Snape, S
57244Alsahra DakotaAndersson, C

ScoreRankPointsClassDogs NameOwner
6860.52 Prince Orlando (BOB)Hill, P
65.572 Ameesha Wesley StrikesBishop, H
6582 Princess OctaviaHill, P
64.592 Bedazzle Navy BoyHill, J
63122 Lavebella Empire Born To RunJohnstone, E & D
62.5132 Evaluna Black OrchidSeviour, R
62142 Dhamadhatu Saffron MoonWalker, J
62142Winterfellin Let Me LooseLayfield, S
61162Winterfellin Must Be CrazyLayfield, S
60182 Black Diamond StarNason, R
60182 Dhamadhatu Babbling BrookWalker, J
59.5192Silverhare Farah's SunspeedSechiari, F
59.5192 Wheatroyd Midnight ChimesCloke, J
64.593 Amesha Midget Gem (BIC)Bishop, H
64103Ameesha Pure SatinHill, P
63123 Laguna Laces LokiParkinson, N
62143Olympic WarriorHill, P
62143 Winterfellin Gotta DashElliott, E
62143 Laguna Lawn’s LupinWainman, L M
61.5153 Lavebella Diamond DestinyBell, G
61.5153 Just A DashParkinson, N
61.5153 Moonlake My WayRobertson, G
59203 Ryemeadows RooBell, G
58.5213 Laguna Laylas Lancer at LavebellaBell, G
57.5233 Ladygrove Dosey DoeJohnstone, E & D
57243 Ryemeadow Rags at VeloxcanisBent, K & N
56.5253Harerunner HalfpennyMeadham, S
64.594 Dashing Dexter (BIC)Hill, P
63.5114 Wheatroyd Blissful ChimesCloke, J
63124Winterfellin Tinkers LadLayfield, S
62144Winterfellin Rosa BelleLayfield, S
61164 Silverhare Full SpeedaheadSechiari, F
60.5174Winterfellin PhoenixLayfield, S
59204 Simply the Best StrikesBishop, H
58.5214Winterfellin Tinkers PrideLayfield, S
57244 Veruglas Simply SaffronWalker, J
54.5284 Laguna Lucie LockettWainman, L M
48314 Starstrike Simply RedBishop, H
0334 Fee Fly FloBishop, H

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