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Setting Up in Rain We arrived at the field at 8am to set up in pouring rain. Sue Snape and Neil and Lorna Hutt were already there and had made a start on getting the gear out of the horsebox. It continued raining hard all the time that the field was been set up. Fortunately most had waterproofs to hand. Thank you very much to Liz Hales, Jason Futcher and Neil & Lorna Hutt who turned out to help the committee.

Kate Bent was unable to attend this meeting but still baked some fabulous cakes for us, which Neil and Lorna picked up and then manned the cake stall all day.

We had a nice range of items for the raffle, thank you everyone who donated items. The money from the raffle pays for the portaloos so donations and buying tickets benefits everyone.

Pharaoh Hounds The lure gave us some trouble which held procedings up in the morning.

We have a new printer for the field which worked nicely and should see a return to printed results.

Judges: Gary Peskett and Neil Hutt.
Lure Drivers: Chris Cloke and Diana Webber.
Course Design: by Chris Cloke.
Ground conditions:With lots of rain in the preceding week the ground was recovered from the dry spell and the grass was in great condition.
Weather: Rain first thing with wind. Brightened up to gorgeous sunshine as the morning progressed but very windy.
Entries: 82 dogs with 2 absent on the day.
Trials: 17

Silken Windhounds

Best of Breeds

Afghans: Laavas Opportunity Scent (Woodward, P)
Basenji: Aksaifleet Russki Rose (Holloway, T)
Lurcher: Chip (Roberts, R)
Mixed Group: Bazinga the Desert Dragoness (Hansen, S)
Saluki: Summer Shay Jay Jay (Snape, S & K)
Silken Windhounds: Kristull Xquizeet (Lewis, Grist & Tringham)
Whippet: Wheatroyd Blissful Chimes (Cloke, J)

Best Puppy In Field: Deehound, Nellie (Johnson, N & S)
2nd Best Puppy In Field: Moonlake Medium Blonde (Robertson, G)
3rd Best Puppy In Field: Way Up Travis Scott (Booth, E & Fry, B)

Best Whippet Veteran (Sponsored by Lilah Wainman):Wheatroyd Blissful Chimes (Cloke, J)


Both: Nellie (Johnson, N & S). "For operating so well under extreme provocation." (The extreme provocation was Druid!)
BEST IN FIELD:Wheatroyd Blissful Chimes (Cloke, J)

2nd Best in Field (Sponsored by Julia Cloke): Summer Shay Jay Jay (Snape, S)
Joint 3rd Best in Field (Sponsored by Julia Cloke): Olympic Warrior (Hill, P) and Ameesha Wesley Strikes (Bishop, H)

Puppy Class
ScoreRankPointsBreed Dogs NameOwner
71.520Afghan HoundWay Up Travis Scott 3rdBooth, E & Fry, B
7612WhippetMoonlake Medium Blonde 2ndRobertson, G
6827WhippetNigelBishop, H
60.537WhippetWinterfellin Dash at DawnLayfield, S
54.543WhippetWinterfellin Dashin CometElliott, E
8131DeerhoundNellie (BPIF)Johnson, N & S

Afghan Hound
ScoreRankPointsClassDogs NameOwner
66.5302Laavas Opportunity Scent (BOB)Woodward, P
56402 Laavas Opportunity KnocksWoodward, P
54.5432Laavas Opportunity SeizedWoodward, P
51443Diadema Ot IV Zaraut at Zushkhan (BIC)Kreipe, H

ScoreRankPointsClassDogs NameOwner
65322Aksaifleet Russki Rose (BOB)Holloway, T
59.5382Nganga’s Princess Snow WhitePalubicki, J
58392Aksaifleet I'm CheetahHolloway, T
61363Woodella True Song (BIC)Palubicki, J
60.5374Crystal Javelin Ontario (BIC)Holloway, T

Mixed Group
ScoreRankPointsBreedClassDogs NameOwner
13.545Borzoi4Mournebrake Cookies 'n' Cream (2nd)Parkinson, R
76.511Pharaoh Hound2Bazinga the Desert Dragoness (BOG)Hansen, S
74.515Pharaoh Hound2 Kurriera Krystal Amethyst (2nd)Ashby, Y
55.541Pharaoh Hound2Bazinga Bazooka the Dragonslayer (3rd)Svaldenyte, A

ScoreRankPointsClassDogs NameOwner
69.51HarveyHill, P
772Chip (BOG)Roberts, R
713Khaleesi (2nd)Layfield, S
70.53Fern (3rd)Sechiari, F
673ChaseFutcher, J

ScoreRankPointsClassDogs NameOwner
69.5242Zeyna (BIC)Crane, D & A
81.5213Summer Shay Jay Jay (BOB)Snape, S
69253LegolasSchafer, A
67.5283Charrioak Delta LeonisSnape, S & K
67293BonnieGunn, C & Thorley, A
66313YamanjaGunn, C & Thorley, A
70.5224Lucy (BIC)Kench, M & S
69.5244Charrioak Jabhat al Akrab Snape, S
59.5384Alsahra DakotaAndersson, C

Silken Windhound
ScoreRankPointsClassDogs NameOwner
83.52Kristull Xquizeet (BOB)Lewis, Grist & Tringham
782Kushbudar Velvet MoonTringham, H
02Kushbudar Star of CashmereTringham, H
64.53Kushbudhar Countess Caithleen (BIC)Tringham, H
64.54ISWS Ch. Allagante Winsome Riviera (BIC)Tringham, H

ScoreRankPointsClassDogs NameOwner
80412Ameesha Wesley Strikes (BIC)Bishop, H
7960.52Princess OctaviaHill, P
77102Bedazzle Navy BoyHill, J
75.5132Zoraden Paint It BlackWebber, D
74.5152Prince OrlandoHill, P
74162Winterfellin Must Be CrazyLayfield, S
72.5182Evaluna Black OrchidSeviour, R
71212Silverhare Farah's SunspeedSechiari, F
69252Silverhare Fizgig SunburstSechiari, F
68.5262Winterfellin Let Me LooseLayfield, S
68.5262Willingwisp SkylarkAlexander-Scowen, K
80413Olympic Warrior (BIC)Hill, P
78.570.53Laguna Laylas Lancer at LavebellaBell, G
7880.53Winscott LizzieKeene, C & R
77.593Blue Moon Eclipse At AbbeyhurstLonghurst, A & A
76.5113Ameesha Pure SatinHill, P
76.5113Winterfellin Gotta DashElliott, E
76.5113Moonlake My WayRobertson, G
75.5133Lavebella Diamond DestinyBell, G
75143Laguna Laces LokiParkinson, N
74.5153Apricot SunriseGee, L & K
73.5173Ranveli Swede As Honey At Lavebella Bell, G
72193Wheatroyd Midnight ChimesCloke, J
72193Amesha Midget GemBishop, H
71.5203Laguna Lawn’s LupinWainman, L M
70.5223NL CH Creme Anglaises Urban DancerDoherty, J E
70233Just A DashParkinson, N
68.5263NL CH Creme Anglaises Sacre CoeurDoherty, J E
67293Wheatroyd MonetHutt, N & L
66313Ghost Train Rider of PepwithGee, L & K
83124Wheatroyd Blissful Chimes (BIF)Cloke, J
79.550.54Derohan AttractionWebber, D
78.570.54Dashing DexterHill, P
77104Silverhare Full SpeedaheadSechiari, F
74164Winterfellin Rosa BelleLayfield, S
64334Laguna Lively LeveretNewman, J & Moriarty, E
62.5344Winterfellin Tinkers LadLayfield, S
62.5344Laguna Lucie LockettWainman, L M
61.5354Winterfellin PhoenixLayfield, S
55424Simply the Best StrikesBishop, H

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