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This meeting was not only the first held for over a year, due to Covid-19 restrictions, it was also the first held at the new venue. The need to adhere to the Covid-19 guidelines meant we were restricted to 30 people on the site. So it was decided that after the committee and helpers were accounted for, the remaining places would go to people who had entries and memberships in hand from the beginning of 2020. We didn't have enough places for everyone so there was an amount of "cherry picking" to make sure we had a good range of dogs to test the new field. The Committee decided that as this was a trial meeting in many respects, there would be no points available but there would be rosettes available for the highest scores.

The new field presented the Field Committee with problems in designing a safe running course for all breeds of dogs. It is uphill and undulating. We spent most of Saturday, trying out different designs which were tested by Whippets and Salukis. The final course of 500m was not ideal but tested the dogs, particularly on the uphill outrun.

Many thanks to Liz, Richard, Sue, Neil and Steve for all their hard work and support on Saturday, to Sue for lending us her Salukis to test the courses and to Steve for sharing his pasties with us ,and which kept us going on a very hot day.

Judges: Sandra Marcovecchio. Many thanks to Sandra for taking on the task of judging on her own.
Lure Driver: Chris Cloke. Thank you for standing out in the sun all afternoon and still managing to concentrate on the job.
Course Design: Chris Cloke.
Ground conditions: Ideal-The Downs turf was soft, thick and springy
Weather: The hottest weekend of the year and humid. We advised that given the heat, dogs only had one course.
Entries: Restricted to 30 people (and 36 dogs), as per the Covid Regulations.
Trials: 2

BEST IN FIELD: Crystal Javelin Ontario (Holloway, T & S)
BEST IN CLASS 2: Winterfellin Is A Free Elf (Parker, S)
BEST IN CLASS 3: Wheatroyd Midnight Chimes (Cloke, C & J)
BEST IN CLASS 4: Crystal Javelin Ontario (Holloway, T & S)


Crystal Javelin Ontario (Holloway, T & S)
Kushbudar Velvet Moon (Tringham, H)

Class 2
BreedDog's NameOwnerScore
WhippetWinterfellin Is A Free ElfParker, S92
WhippetLaguna Luna’s LinkWainman, L M90
WhippetWinterfellin Dashin CometElliott, E90
WhippetWheatroyd Fire Into IceNewman, Moriaty & Cloke88
WhippetLavabella Lizzie's LangHales, L & D84
WhippetMoonlake Medium BlondeRobertson, G81
Silken WindhoundKushbudar Velvet MoonTringham, H81
Silken WindhoundKushbudar Star of CashmereTringham, H71
WhippetRanveli French FancieJohnstone, E & D63
Afghan HoundWay Up Travis ScottBooth, E & Fry, B61
DeerhoundNellieJohnson, N & S60
SalukiShahzad Zaki Ter DolenStrong M & J56

Class 3
BreedDog's NameOwnerScore
WhippetWheatroyd Midnight ChimesCloke, J88
WhippetLavebella Empire Born To RunJohnstone, E & D86
SalukiBonnieGunn, C & Thorley, A80
WhippetLaguna Lawn’s LupinWainman, L M79
LurcherTwigSeviour, R74
WhippetWheatroyd MonetHutt, N & L69
BasenjiAksaifleet I'm CheetahHolloway, T65
Afghan HoundAminaBooth, E & Fry, B55
BasenjiAksaifleet Russki RoseHolloway, T52
BasenjiNganga’s Princess Snow WhitePalubicki, J52
WhippetWinterfellin Gotta DashElliott, E52

Class 4
BreedDog's NameOwnerScore
BasenjiCrystal Javelin OntarioHolloway, T93
SalukiSummer Shay Jay JaySnape, S87
BasenjiWoodella True SongPalubicki, J82
WhippetLaguna Lucie LockettWainman, L M80
WhippetLadygrove Dosey DoeJohnstone, E & D79
SalukiLegolasSchafer, A70
SalukiCharrioak Delta LeonisSnape, S53
SalukiEshaalSchafer, A50
SalukiCharrioak Jabhat al AkrabSnape, S49
SalukiLucyKench, M & S47