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First Aid Seminar with Sophie Bell, a practicing Vet Surgeon

Patch the greyhound having his heart checked.

On the 11th November 2018 a group of BSFA members gathered at Chieveley Village Hall for a First Aid seminar taught by Sophie Bell who is a practicing veterinarian. The BSFA committee put together an amazing buffet for lunch, which was more of a banquet, and tea and coffee was available throughout the day. The venue is dog friendly and so we had a variety of sighthounds in attendance which proved to be handy when it came to practical exercises.

Gaynor about to get to grips with bandaging.

After an introduction by Sophie about the benefits to you and your dog of learning some basic skills, we had a short break to observe the minutes silence for Armistice day. Then we learnt how to assess a dogs condition to tell whether they needed emergency professional treatment or whether they would be OK until the next day. Sophie took us through how to describe a dogs condition over the phone by having assessed things like temperature, colour of gums and heart rate. We found out the importance of having a good idea of how these things are in a healthy dog so that we can tell when there is a problem.

Some attendees had other things on their minds.   Others regretting not listening more carefully.

After a lunch break to eat the gorgeous buffet (Thank you Hilary, Julia and Liz!) and chat we started the practical session learning how to bandage various parts of the dog. We got to practice a few practical skills. Patch the greyhound was remarkably patient about letting us all listen to his heart through a stethoscope (fascinating!). Sophie had brought along a collection of stuffed toy dogs for us to practice on before going on to try some of it out on the attending dogs. It was quite funny to see the puzzlement of some of their faces as they were carefully bandaged, you could tell they were thinking "Well, I felt alright when I came in here."

Zaniah the silken windhound and the attack of the mummy dogs.

All to soon Sophie was summing up the day and it was time to say goodbye. The good news id that we are arranging for another seminar with Sophie in the 2019 autumn

Sarah practicing on one of the Winterfellin pack.

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