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BSFA Lure Coursing Awards.

Monthly Awards

Best in Field Collar At each meeting there are rosettes for the highest scoring dogs on the day. Each breed with four or more representatives at the meeting will have a Best in Class (see the classes here) award and a Best of Breed award. The highest score among the Best of Breed dogs wins the Best in Field rosette and collar. There are silver and bronze rosettes for the second and third Best in Field scores.

Silken Windhounds run in their own group currently.

We also have a Mixed Group which is a catch-all for dogs that have less than four representatives and such. The top scoring dog is awarded Best of Group and there are a second and third place rosettes.

Additionally, each judge at a meeting gets to award his favourite dog of the day a Judge's Choice rosette. This can be given for the best performance, the funniest, the best trial or any other reason, it is entirely up to the judge. So far only one person has won the award but, in exceptional circumstances, we don't rule that out either.

Yearly Awards

Heartrunner Heartbeat

At each meeting the dogs scores are ranked from one for the highest score, downwards. These ranks are recorded and at the end of the season are used for the Lure Courser of the Year trophies which are presented at the AGM. Each breed has a Lure Courser of the Year award and the best of them wins the Overall Lure Courser of the Year.

Lure Coursing Champions

Trophies Table at AGM

The top scoring dogs at each meeting are also awarded points which acumulate towards four levels of Champion Lure Coursers:

Lure Courser of Merit (LCM)
Grand Lure Courser of Merit (GLCM)
Supreme Lure Courser of Merit (SLCM)
Elite Lure Courser of Merit (ELCM)

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