British Sighthound Field Association


April 16th 2017

We had a great entry this month and the meeting was buzzing. The committee have all had many comments about the wonderful atmosphere and how friendly and helpful everyone is, this is always nice to hear. I know what great members we have but it's nice when other people appreciate it too.

We also had lots of help in the morning to get everything set up which is greatly appreciated. I was really pleased to see members walking over the course first thing and helping to fill in holes. The lure ran well with no problems.

We have a new ticket board arrangement which allows me to keep the entry list, tickets and course details all together.

This month we had a number of returning afghan hounds and a few to trial which was very welcome.

Trials were busy and I lost track of numbers but James Newman did a brilliant job of organising them all, again there are some impressive dogs trialling which should make for exciting competition in the future.

Mention must be made of Sarah Layfield's dogs who did stunningly well. Winterfellin Rosa Belle not only cleared up in the results (see below) but she was also awarded her Grand Lure Courser of Merit award along with another of Sarah's dogs, Winterfellin Hell's Belle AND even their three-legged terrier got an award! Well done Sarah!

Judges: Laurie Winters and David Crane. This was David's first time judging for us and I was a bit worried that it would be something of a trial by fire given the big entry. It is a long day for the judges and the concentration needed is quite intense but he did really well and enjoyed it so hopefully he will be back. Laurie is a senior judge so his help and guidance, as well as judging skills, were very much appreciated. Thank you very much to both of them.

Lure Drivers: Diana Webber and Chris Cloke. Lure driving is another essential task which requires a lot of skill and concentration, so I thank them both for their dedication.

Course Distance: 558 yards.

Course Layout: By Chis Cloke

April 2017 Course Design

Ground Conditions: Fine weather over the preceding couple of weeks had us worrying that the ground would be too hard. The farmer manager held off cutting the grass for us so that there was a good covering to add some spring. Some scattered showers in the few days before the meeting helped too and so conditions were not too bad. Taking this into account, Chris Cloke came up with a course design which was not too long and avoided sharp turns.

Weather: We enjoyed great weather again this month. Generally fine and sunny but not as hot as last month. We had a quick downpour in the afternoon which was short lived. There was a strong breeze which was cold but then we are still only in April.

A total of 90 dogs were entered, with 10 absent on the day.

Trials: Twenty-two in the morning and I'm not sure of the afternoon numbers but similar, I guess.

Best Of Breed:

Afghan Hound: Ayoubkhan Nightshade

Saluki: Zeyna

Silken Windhound: Kushbudar Chu Chulain

Whippet: Winterfellin Rosa Belle
Whippet Veteran: Winterfellin Rosa Belle

Mixed Group: Lizanthe Al Zafir (Sloughi)

Best In Field: Winterfellin Rosa Belle

Judges Choice, Laurie Winters: Diesel the three-legged terrier who, while he obviously didn't run in competition, ran an absolutely blinding course in the fun runs and really deserved his award.

Judges Choice, David Crane: Lizanthe Al Zafir (sloughi) for doing so well with his cornering!

Full Results are shown in the table below:

Afghan Hound
Score Rank Points Class Name Owner
66.5 2 Ayoubkhan Nightshade (BOB) Daw, G
65.5 2 Ayoubkhan Firethorn Craft, K & Stevens, I
60.5 2 Ayoubkhan Jasmine Craft, K & Stevens, I
66 3 Altside In Your Dreams (BIC) Craft, K & Stevens, I
65 3 Altside Donna Karen Craft, K & Stevens, I
62 4 Sarakhan Sherdan (BIC) Gray, L
51.5 4 Ayoubkhan Fleur de Genievre Gray, L
0 4 Azmari Black Pearl Daw, G
0 4 Ayoubkhan Fleur de Mer Daw, G
0 4 Ayoubkhan Fleur de Noel Gray, L
Mixed Group
Score Rank Points Class Name Owner
65.5 3 Lizanthe Al Zafir (BOG) Daw, G
60 3 Mournebrake Cookies 'n' Cream (2nd) Parkinson, R
Score Rank Points Class Name Owner
71 0.5 1 Zeyna (BOB) Crane, D & A
68.5 2 Summer Shay Jay Jay (BIC) Snape, S
70 3 Charrioak Jabhat al Akrab (BIC) Snape, S
ABS 4 Rana Shakespeare, K & S A
ABS 4 Soraya Snape, S
Silken Windhound
Score Rank Points Class Name Owner
75 2 Kushbudar Chu Chulain (BOB) Tringham, H
73 2 Kumbaya Ceekin Aurelia Peterson, C & N
70 2 Kushbudar Cloudsong at Endevor Grist, G
70 2 Kushbudhar The Hearts Cry Lewis, S
69.5 2 Starborough Sweet Child Of Mine Peterson, C & N
68.5 2 Kushbudhar Countess Caithleen Tringham, H
65 2 Morgan Dell Tioga Tringham, H, Lewis, S & Grist
62 2 Kushbudar Na Sidhe Tringham, H
0 2 Solo’s K-C Classic Prank Peterson, C & N
ABS 3 Allagante Jubilee of Cairdean Shakespeare, K & S A
71 3 ISWS Ch. Allagante Winsome Riviera (BIC) Tringham, H
67 3 Starborough Painter Crowe Peterson, C & N
Score Rank Points Class Name Owner
75.5 1 0 Dhamadhatu Saffron Moon (BIC) Walker, J
72.5 0.5 0 Dhamadhatu Babbling Brook Walker, J
72 0.5 0 Winterfellin Let Me Loose Layfield, S
70.5 0 Reflejando En Negra Severn, J
70.5 1 Wheatroyd Banksy (BIC) Smith, C
70.5 1 Wheatroyd Midnight Chimes (BIC) Cloke, J
70 1 Wheatroyd Monet Hutt, N & L
68.5 1 Nattah Venus' One Dream Severn, J
ABS 2 Laguna Lawns Luna Of Cairdean Shakespeare, K & S A
ABS 2 Winterfellin Pipsqueak of Cairdean Shakespeare, K & S A
ABS 2 Bella Maria Severn, J
ABS 2 Windfly Merry Monkey of Cairdean Shakespeare, K & S A
ABS 2 Nattah Sunbeam Norman, A
77.5 1 2 Nattah Butterfly Kisses (BIC) Severn, J
77.5 1 2 Dark Wing (BIC) Webber, D
77 1 2 Winterfellin Gotta Dash Elliott, E
76.5 1 2 Moonlake My Way Robertson, G
76 1 2 Laguna Lefren Lawen Newman & Moriarty, J & E
75.5 1 2 Ryemeadows Zara Bent, K
75.5 1 2 Ameesha Pina Colada Walker, J
75.5 1 2 Tit For Tat Ryan, C
74 0.5 2 Olympic Warrior Hill, P
74 0.5 2 Winterfellin Merry Mayhem Layfield, S
73 0.5 2 Maverick Dusky Moon Hill, P
73 0.5 2 Derohan Bronze Angel Osborne, C
73 0.5 2 Nattah Mazarine Blue Edwards, L
72 0.5 2 Whisterfield Easy Rider Among Silkdance JW Price, C
72 0.5 2 Lavebella Diamond Destiny Bell, G
72 0.5 2 Softouch Ever So Clever at Derohan Osborne, C
71.5 0.5 2 Laguna Laces Loki Parkinson, N
71.5 0.5 2 Ryemeadow Rags Bent, K
71.5 0.5 2 Ghost Train Rider of Pepwith Gee, L & K
70.5 2 Nattah Kiss of Snow Norman, A
70 2 Ryemeadows Roo Bell, G
69.5 2 Laguna Laylas Lancer at Lavebella Bell, G
69.5 2 Willingwisp Cluedo Cooper-Davies, R & S
67.5 2 Forest Briar Marcks, S
66 2 Apricot Sunrise Gee, L & K
63 2 Nattah Silver Lining Severn, J
77.5 1 3 Ameesha Pure Satin (BIC) Hill, P
76 1 3 Spyanfly Say I'm Sexy Oliver, P
74.5 1 3 Wheatroyd Blissful Chimes Cloke, J
74 0.5 3 Derohan Attraction Webber, D
73.5 0.5 3 Loroli Lets Do It with Derohan Osborne, C
73.5 0.5 3 Vensuter Wheal Chimes Cloke, J
73.5 0.5 3 Little Rosie Brown, G
73 0.5 3 Just A Dash Parkinson, N
72.5 0.5 3 Dashing Dexter Hill, P
71.5 0.5 3 Nattah Elouise Moon Severn, J
71 0.5 3 Veruglas Simply Saffron Walker, J
70.5 3 Deljorhea He's The One at Nattah Severn, J
69.5 3 Derohan Pour Moi JW Osborne, C
68.5 3 Rosemary in Blue at Nattah Severn, J
68.5 3 Derohan Viking Flagship Osborne, C
67.5 3 Elmanash Majestic Gold Among Silkdance JW Price, C
ABS 4 Whisterfield Jack Be Nimble Among Silkdance JW Price, C
78.5 2 4 Winterfellin Rosa Belle (BIF) Layfield, S
75.5 1 4 Winterfell Hells Belle Layfield, S
72 0.5 4 Deljorhea Dream Racer at Nattah Severn, J
72 0.5 4 Winterfell Tinkers Pride Layfield, S
70 4 Shandril Perfect Storm Hill, P