British Sighthound Field Association


July 23rd 2017

Well, quite a day! For me it started with absolutely stunning views travelling from Somerset to the meeting along the A303. Heavy mist in places, strong sun and gorgeous landscape, especially around Salisbury Plain, made for spectacular scenery.

The run up to the meeting was very busy with a huge number of entries taking us almost up to capacity. Unfortunately, some key personnel were unable to attend. Our normally unsinkable Secretary, Julia Cloke, was ill. Diana Webber who is our second Lure Driver was absent and lastly Committee Member Sue Shakespeare, who is an absolute power house when it comes to setting up and packing away, was also ill. We are very grateful for the members that turned up to help us get set up and then stayed late and helped us get everything cleared away. I normally avoid naming people for fear of leaving someone out but I really have to mention Neil & Lorna Hutt and Richard Parkinson who gave us a tremendous amount of help, yet again, and proved invaluable.

A number of things conspired to mean that by 4pm we had only managed to complete a few of the afternoon runs. A quick discussion with as many of the committee as could be quickly rounded up resulted in us abandoning the afternoon competition so that members could leave without penalty if they wished too. This means that the results are based on the morning runs only. We continued giving any dogs that stayed fun runs but these were not scored. The usual presentation did not take place but will be held next month.

It turned out that one of the issues we had – the lure running slow and therefore being caught by the dogs regularly - meaning the course had to be re-run – was because the generator had tripped out and the machine was only running on battery power. Once we discovered this (after abandoning the afternoon runs) and reset the generator everything was fine. Rather embarrassing but these things happen. In hindsight it seems simple enough but trying to fault find in the rain, with time pressing on us isn't easy.

Prior to the meeting, I was chatting with Alison and she told me that she was thinking of not running her boy Rafi as he had lately been very awkward about been caught. I encouraged her to let him run, saying that there would be plenty of help on hand to catch him and it would be fine. So she ran him right at the end of the morning session. Sure enough, he didn't want to come in. It took a few minutes but with help he was caught. So, he had the last run of the afternoon but this time he was not going to be caught out so easily. Despite numerous people on the field he led everyone a merry dance, ignoring all manner of inducements. It was late, wet, cold and we were packing up but Rafi didn't care! Finally, James Newman was able to outsmart him and we all heaved a big sigh of relief. Alison says she will not run him again. I told her, let him run, it'll be fine :-)

The meeting was very much brightened up by the present of borzoi pup Anya belonging to Nicky Humphreys and saluki pup Altai who is owned by Masha Shaverneva. As Masha was judging all day pass the puppy was the order of the day, I hung onto him for as long as I could though!


Judges: Masha Shaverneva and David Crane. Many thanks to both of them for judging a large entry in bad weather.


Lure Driver: Chris Cloke.


Course Distance: 595 yards.


Course Layout: By Chris Cloke


July 2017 Course

Ground Conditions: Having had to cancel the previous months meeting due to the condition of the ground (iron hard after a period of very high temperatures and no rain), the committee were anxious about the ground conditions. There had been little rain in the preceding month but temperatures had been lower and there had been some rain. The Farm Manager had left the grass longer and just topped it to give a cushion. Julia, Chris and James checked the field before the meeting and were very happy with the condition it was in. On the day we had rain which coupled with the longer grass gave us some worries about slipping but these proved unfounded.


Weather: The weather was not as good as the forecast suggested. It was cool and overcast while we were getting set up but started raining as we started the morning runs. Throughout the day we had sporadic periods of rain ranging from light drizzle to heavy down pours but we were able to keep going through it all.


Entries: A total of 103 dogs were entered, with around 10 absent on the day.


Trials: 12 in the morning and 2 in the afternoon.


Best Of Breed:

Afghan Hound: Ayoubkhan Blue Rose
Saluki: Zeyna
Silken Windhounds: Kushbudar Chu Chulain and ISWS Ch. Allagante Winsome Riviera
Whippet: Softouch Ever So Clever at Derohan
Whippet Veteran:
Nipalong Minkie Moon
Mixed Group:
Khaleesi (lurcher)

Joint Best In Field: Zeyna (saluki) and Softouch Ever So Clever at Derohan (whippet)

Judges Choice: Both judges awarded their rosettes to James Newman for finally managing to catch Rafi.

Full Results are shown in the table below:

Afghan Hound
Score Rank Points Class Name Owner
66.5 2 Ayoubkhan Blue Rose (BOB) Humphreys Mrs N
63.5 2 Ayoubkhan Camellia Gosling T & J
29.5 2 Ayoubkhan Nightshade Daw, G
0 2 Ayoubkhan Persian Silk Gosling T & J
0 2 Ayoubkhan Silver Cloud Gosling T & J
0 3 Hubshe Okuni Humphreys Mrs N
53 4 Sarakhan Sherdan (BIC) Gray, L
40 4 Ayoubkhan Fleur de Genievre Gray, L
39.5 4 Azmari Black Pearl Daw, G
24.5 4 Ayoubkhan Fleur de Mer Daw, G
0 4 Ayoubkhan Fleur de Sevane Gosling T & J
Score Rank Points Class Name Owner
68.5 2 Woodella True Song (2nd) Palubicki, J
25.5 3 Mournebrake Cookies 'n' Cream (3rd) Parkinson, R
73 2 Khaleesi (BOG) Layfield, S
0 3 Lizanthe Al Zafir Daw, G
Score Rank Points Class Name Owner
2 1 Zeyna (JBIF) Crane, D & A
1 2 Summer Shay Jay Jay (BIC) Snape, S
2 Al Caliphs Arif Bey Crane, D & A
70.5 3 Lucy (BIC) Kench, M & S
69.5 4 Rana (BIC) Shakespeare, K & S A
68 4 Charrioak Jabhat al Akrab Snape, S
Silken Windhound
Score Rank Points Class Name Owner
2 Kushbudar Chu Chulain (JBOB) Tringham, H
2 Kushbudhar The Hearts Cry Lewis, S
63.5 2 Kushbudhar Countess Caithleen Tringham, H
ABS 2 Kushbudar Na Sidhe Tringham, H
3 ISWS Ch. Allagante Winsome Riviera (JBOB) Tringham, H
3 Allagante Jubilee of Cairdean Shakespeare, K & S A
Score Rank Points Class Name Owner
0 Spyanfly Swan Song (BIC) Oliver, P
71.5 0 Windfly Onner Blue Moon at Bruntsfield Third, E
87.5 1 1 Collooney Candy Crush (BIC) Bayley, A
86 1 1 Dhamadhatu Saffron Moon Walker, J
0.5 1 Knoxhill Let's Dance Hedley, M
0.5 1 Winterfellin Must Be Crazy Layfield, S
74.5 1 Dhamadhatu Babbling Brook Walker, J
72 1 Wheatroyd Monet Hutt, N & L
68.5 1 Winterfellin Let Me Loose Layfield, S
56.5 1 Reflejando En Negra Severn, J
55.5 1 Winterfellin Cheeky Rascal Parker, S
ABS 1 Crème Anglaise’s An Arabian Knight Doherty, J E
2 2 Softouch Ever So Clever at Derohan (JBIF) Osborne, C
1 2 Nattah Butterfly Kisses Severn, J
0.5 2 Laguna Lawn’s Lupin Wainman, L M
82.5 0.5 2 Winterfellin Merry Mayhem Layfield, S
0.5 2 Ryemeadows Roo Bell, G
0.5 2 Derohan Bronze Angel Osborne, C
2 Olympic Warrior Hill, P
2 Winterfellin Pipsqueak of Cairdean Shakespeare, K & S A

2 Maverick Dusky Moon Hill, P
2 Laguna Lawns Luna Of Cairdean Shakespeare, K & S A

2 Nattah Mazarine Blue Edwards, L
2 Winterfellin Gotta Dash Elliott, E
2 Ameesha Pina Colada Walker, J
72.5 2 Nattah Venus' One Dream Severn, J
71.5 2 Apricot Sunrise Gee, L & K
71 2 Laguna Lefren Lawen Newman, J & Moriarty, E
70.5 2 Moonlake My Way Robertson, G
70 2 Ghost Train Rider of Pepwith Gee, L & K
70 2 Forest Briar Marcks, S
69 2 Ladygrove Dosey Doe Johnstone, E & D
68.5 2 Twiggen Tit For Tat Ryan, C
67 2 Nattah Kiss of Snow Norman, A
66 2 My Diamond In The Sky Over Shuleah Fletcher, L C
66 2 Bruntsfield Blackmail Third, E
66 2 Ringmore Day Lily Leathart, V
63.5 2 Lavebella Diamond Destiny Bell, G
61.5 2 Ryemeadow Rags Bent, K & N
58.5 2 Laguna Laces Loki Parkinson, N
58.5 2 Laguna Laylas Lancer at Lavebella Bell, G
56.5 2 Going For Gold For Shuleah Fletcher, L C
50 2 Nattah Sunbeam Norman, A
1 3 Bruntsfield Beatnik at Shuleah (BIC) Fletcher, L C
1 3 Nattah Elouise Moon Severn, J
1 3 Dashing Dexter Hill, P
0.5 3 Little Rosie Brown, G
3 Derohan Viking Flagship Osborne, C
3 Derohan Pour Moi JW Osborne, C
3 Moonlake Make a Wish Robertson, G
3 Ameesha Pure Satin Hill, P
3 Loroli Lets Do It with Derohan Osborne, C
71 3 Barmoll's Bears Boy Marcovecchio, S B
70.5 3 Deljorhea He's The One at Nattah Severn, J
70 3 Harerunner Heaven Sent Johnstone, E & D
67 3 Just A Dash Parkinson, N
61.5 3 Tango Time of Bruntsfield Third, E
58.5 3 Knoxhill Shepherds Delight Hedley, M
57 3 Rosemary in Blue at Nattah Severn, J
49 3 Nattah Silver Lining Severn, J
ABS 3 NL CH Creme Anglaises Sacre Coeur Doherty, J E
ABS 3 NL CH Creme Anglaises Hello Look At Me Doherty, J E
ABS 3 NL CH Creme Anglaises Urban Dancer Doherty, J E
0.5 4 Nipalong Minkie Moon (BIC) Hales, D & L
0.5 4 Winterfellin Rosa Belle Layfield, S
4 Shandril Perfect Storm Hill, P
4 Moonlake Mazda Robertson, G
68.5 4 Jarmane Blue Topaz Norman, J
61 4 Ringmore Fair Rosamund Leathart, V
ABS 4 Deljorhea Dream Racer at Nattah Severn, J
ABS 4 Moonlake Mercedes Ryan, C