British Sighthound Field Association


May 14th 2017

I very much enjoyed this months meeting which ran very smoothly. We had lots of help in the morning and as a result were set up and running pretty much on time which was great. We also had help packing everything away. The committee very much appreciate all the help from club members.

I don't usually single out one person for praise but this month I have to mention Vera Shaverneva who did a wonderful job of bringing me the judges score sheets as soon as they were completed in the afternoon. It makes doing the results so much easier and pleasant when I get the sheets promptly plus meaning that people don't have to wait so long to see them. Vera is only 5 and ran back and forth tirelessly, I suspect Masha is trying to train her up as a new lure coursing prospect :-)

We had an entry of 16 afghan hounds which was really nice to see after a couple of years of very low entries. Now if we can just get them to actually chase the lure ...

Could I remind people of a couple of points:

1. When not running, all dogs must be on lead and that lead needs to be attached to a person or other firm anchor. There is a £10 fine for any loose dogs, anywhere on the site. It is very important this is observed by everyone. A loose dog running on to the course while dogs are running poses a serious danger and, in addition, it is the request of the land owner that all dogs should be kept on lead while on the property, if people do not observe this we risk losing the use of the field.

2. We do not allow extending leads on the course for safety reasons and prefer that they are not used around the parking area. If you are using them around the parking area, please keep them locked with the lead at a reasonable length. If you need to borrow a lead to take your dog out onto the course, please ask one of the committee and we will be glad to supply one.

Judges: Masha Shaverneva and Julia Cloke. Both did a great job standing on the tower with the cold wind all day

Lure Drivers: Diana Webber and Chris Cloke. Many thanks to both of them for their hard work.

Course Distance: 580 yards.

Course Layout: By Chis Cloke

May 2017 Course Design

Ground Conditions: Very good after a couple of weeks of anxiety due to hot weather and no rain. The Farm Manager made sure the grass was left longer and then in the last couple of days before the meeting there was enough rain to soften to ground and give the grass extra spring.

Weather: Lovely sunny day but with a fairly strong and very cold wind. There was a down pour of rain for the last few runs of the day but half an hour later the sun returned.

A total of 75 dogs were entered, with 4 absent on the day.

Trials: Ten in the morning and three in the afternoon.

Best Of Breed:

Afghan Hound: Altside Donna Karen

Saluki: Summer Shay Jay Jay

Whippet: Winterfellin Gotta Dash
Whippet Veteran: Laguna Lolita's Lawn

Mixed Group: Woodella True Song (Basenji)

Best In Field: Winterfellin Gotta Dash

Judges Choice, Masha Shaverneva: Summer Shay Jay Jay for being so beautiful in action.

Judges Choice, Julia Cloke: Lickertysplit One of a Kind for running like a train, despite his challenges.

Full Results are shown in the table below:

Afghan Hound
Score Rank Points Class Name Owner
70 2 Ayoubkhan Camellia (BIC) Gosling T & J
68.5 2 Ayoubkhan Jasmine Craft, K & Stevens, I
67 2 Ayoubkhan Firethorn Craft, K & Stevens, I
64.5 2 Ayoubkhan Nightshade Daw, G
61.5 2 Ayoubkhan Blue Rose Humphreys Mrs N
0 2 Ayoubkhan Silver Cloud Gosling T & J
58.5 2 Ayoubkhan Persian Silk Gosling T & J
76 3 Altside Donna Karen (BOB) Craft, K & Stevens, I
68 3 Altside In Your Dreams Craft, K & Stevens, I
0 3 Hubshe Okuni Humphreys Mrs N
0 3 Gezancol Dizzy Bit Bryla, A & Zaleski, I
63.5 4 Ayoubkhan Fleur de Genievre (BIC) Gray, L
61.5 4 Sarakhan Sherdan Gray, L
57.5 4 Ayoubkhan Fleur de Sevane Gosling T & J
0 4 Azmari Black Pearl Daw, G
0 4 Ayoubkhan Fleur de Mer Daw, G
Mixed Group
Score Rank Points Class Name Owner
72 2 Woodella True Song (BOG) Palubecki, J
0 3 Lizanthe Al Zafir Daw, G
Score Rank Points Class Name Owner
70.5 2 Khaleesi Layfield, S
Score Rank Points Class Name Owner
1 2 Summer Shay Jay Jay (BOB) Snape, S
3 Lucy (BIC) Kench, M & S
3 Charrioak Jabhat al Akrab Snape, S
ABS 4 Soraya Snape, S
4 Rana (BIC) Shakespeare, K & S A
Silken Windhound
Score Rank Points Class Name Owner
77 3 Allagante Jubilee of Cairdean Shakespeare, K & S A
Score Rank Points Class Name Owner
ABS 1 Wheatroyd Midnight Chimes Cloke, J
0.5 1 Dhamadhatu Saffron Moon (BIC) Walker, J
1 Dhamadhatu Babbling Brook Walker, J
1 Wheatroyd Monet Hutt, N & L
69.5 1 Winterfellin Cheeky Rascal Parker, S
ABS 2 Mulcair Must Contain Nutz Armstrong, M A
ABS 2 Nattah Kiss of Snow Norman, A
2 2 Winterfellin Gotta Dash (BIF) Elliott, E
0.5 2 Apricot Sunrise Gee, L & K
0.5 2 Winterfellin Merry Mayhem Layfield, S
0.5 2 Ameesha Pina Colada Walker, J
2 Laguna Lefren Lawen Newman, J & Moriarty, E
2 Laguna Lawn’s Lupin Wainman, L M
2 Forest Briar Marcks, S
2 Ladygrove Dosey Doe Johnstone, E & D
2 Moonlake My Word Scrivens, T
2 Ghost Train Rider of Pepwith Gee, L & K
2 Softouch Ever So Clever at Derohan Osborne, C
2 Laguna Laces Loki Parkinson, N
2 Tit For Tat Ryan, C
2 Amesha Midget Gem Bishop, H
2 Laguna Lawns Luna Of Cairdean Shakespeare, K & S A
2 Licketysplit One Of A Kind Marshall, BP & TA
2 Dark Wing Webber, D
74 2 Diamond Web Webber, D
73.5 2 Whisterfield Easy Rider Among Silkdance JW Price, C
ABS 3 Wheatroyd Blissful Chimes Cloke, J
ABS 3 Vensuter Wheal Chimes Cloke, J
3 Veruglas Simply Saffron (BIC) Walker, J
3 NL CH Creme Anglaises Sacre Coeur (BIC) Doherty, J E
3 Little Rosie (BIC) Brown, G
3 Barmoll's Bears Boy Marcovecchio, S B
3 Simply the Best Strikes Bishop, H
3 Cloia Aur Milgi Marshall, BP & TA
3 Laguna Lucie Lockett Wainman, L M
3 Laguna Lively Leveret Newman, J & Moriarty, E
3 Just A Dash Parkinson, N
3 Derohan Viking Flagship Osborne, C
74 3 NL CH Creme Anglaises Urban Dancer Doherty, J E
73.5 3 NL CH Creme Anglaises Hello Look At Me Doherty, J E
72.5 3 Harerunner Heaven Sent Johnstone, E & D
70.5 3 Loroli Lets Do It with Derohan Osborne, C
70 3 Elmanash Majestic Gold Among Silkdance JW Price, C
1 4 Laguna Lolita's Lawn (BIC) Wainman, L M
4 Winterfell Tinkers Pride Layfield, S
4 Nipalong Minkie Moon Hales, D & L
4 Winterfellin Rosa Belle Layfield, S
71 4 Laguna Lauras Livius Chandler, K
69.5 4 Laguna Lauras Laertes Chandler, K
66 4 Whisterfield Jack Be Nimble Among Silkdance JW Price, C