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2019 Meetings

Sunday, July 21st
Entry Deadline: Midnight, July 14th

Sunday, August 18th
Entry Deadline: Midnight, August 11th

Sunday, September 15th
Entry Deadline: Midnight, September 8th

Sunday, October 13th
Entry Deadline: Midnight, October 6th

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A Guide to the Basics

Lure Coursing With The BSFA

For those who are new to lure coursing and/or the BSFA

Latest Results

Top Ten - 16th June

1. Dharmadhatu Saffron Moon (J. Walker)
2. Winterfellin Gotta Dash (E.Elliot)
    Ranveli Swede As Honey At Lavebella (G. Bell)
3. Laguna Laylas Lancer at Lavebella (G. Bell)
4. Laguna Lucie Lockett (L & R. Wainman)
5. Zoraden Paint It Black (D. Webber)
    Lavebella Empire Born To Run (E. Johnstone)
    Silverhare Fizgig Sunburst (F. Sechiari)
    Laguna Lawn’s Lupin (L & R. Wainman)
6. Ryemeadows Zara at Veloxcanis (K. Bent)
    Silverhare Full Speedahead (F. Sechiari)
7. Summer Shay Jay Jay (S. Snape)
8. Charrioak Jabhat al Akrab (S. Snape)
9. Silverhare Farah's Sunspeed (F. Sechiari)
10. Veruglas Simply Saffron (J. Walker)

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Saluki lure coursing wearing a muzzle

Article: To Muzzle, or Not to Muzzle ...
Muzzles are not compulsory at the BSFA
but there are times when it is useful read more

First Aid Seminar 11/11/2018
The BSFA together with Vet Sophie Bell
put on a first aid seminar for members read more

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