British Sighthound Field Association


14th October 2018

The weather forecast for the day had started off very promisingly at the beginning of the week but steadily worsened as the week wore on. On the actual day, the north had gale force winds and Wales and some other parts of the country were on flood alert. So the Committee and helpers all trooped out to the field displaying a fine array of waterproofs and carried on as usual. Liz Hales was absent due to a poorly foot and very much missed. It did rain for most of the day but it did finally taper of for the end of the meeting.


One minor injury was reported.

Judges: Julia Cloke and Sandra Marcovecchio. Many thanks to both of them for judging in such awful weather.

Lure Drivers:
Chris Cloke and Diana Webber. Thank you to both of them for doing a great job.


Course Distance: 550 yards.


Ground Conditions: Wet.


Weather: It rained. A lot.


Entries: A total of 55 dogs were entered, with some cancellations the day before and quite a few absent on the day.


Best Of Breed:


Saluki: Summer Shay Jay Jay and Legolas (joint)


Whippet: Vensuter Wheal Chimes

Whippet Veteran: Laguna Lively Leveret


Basenji: Aksaifleet Russki Rose


Silken Windhounds: Kushbudar Chu Chulain

Mixed Group: Bazinga the Desert Dragoness


Best Puppy: Zoraden Paint It Black


Best In Field: Vensuter Wheal Chimes



Judges Choice: Mournebrake Cookies `n` Cream for sheer entertainment.


Judges Choice: Summer Shay Jay Jay and Qazal Sarbaz Har Kala Rachi for a thrilling course.

Full Results are shown in the table below:

Mixed Group
Score Rank Points Class Name Owner
48.5 22 4 Mournebrake Cookies 'n' Cream Parkinson, R
75 15 3 Mistweave Miss Sunshine at Zoraden Webber, D
Pharaoh Hound
77 11 1 Bazinga the Desert Dragoness (BOG) Hansen, S
76.5 12 2 Bazinga Bazooka the Dragonslayer(2nd) Svaldenyte, A


Score Rank Points Class Name Owner
79.5 9 1 Aksaifleet Russki Rose (BOB) Holloway, T
72 18 1 Nganga’s Princess Snow White Palubicki, J
73 17 2 Aksaifleet I'm Cheetah (BIC) Holloway, T
62 21 2 Aksaifleet I’m Jaguar Kirpalani, A
66 20 3 Crystal Javelin Ontario (BIC) Holloway, T
66 20 3 Woodella True Song (BIC) Palubicki, J
Score Rank Points Class Name Owner
81 8 1 Qazal Sarbaz Har Kala Rachi (BIC) Shaverneva, M & Rhodes, S
83 6 3 Summer Shay Jay Jay (JBOB) Snape, S
83 6 3 Legolas (JBOB) Schafer, A
78 10 3 Ari Strong, J & M
77 11 3 Charrioak Delta Leonis Snape, S & K
76 13 3 Eshaal Schafer, A
76.5 12 4 Lucy(BIC) Kench, M & S
75.5 14 4 Charrioak Jabhat al Akrab Snape, S
Silken Windhound
Score Rank Points Class Name Owner
80.5 3 Kushbudar Chu Chulain (BOB) Tringham, H
73 3 Kushbudhar The Hearts Cry Lewis, S
74.5 4 ISWS Ch. Allagante Winsome Riviera Tringham, H
Score Rank Points Class Name Owner
78 10 0 Zoraden Paint It Black (BIC) Webber, D
74.5 16 1 Evaluna Black Orchid (BIC) Serviour, B
70 19 1 Willingwisp Skylark Alexander-Scowen, K
87 2 1 2 Wheatroyd Midnight Chimes (BIC) Cloke, J
86.5 3 0.5 2 Laguna Lefren Lawen Newman, J & Moriarty, E
85.5 5 2 Wheatroyd Banksy Smith, C
86 4 0.5 2 Laguna Lawn’s Lupin Wainman, L M
81.5 7 2 Dhamadhatu Saffron Moon Walker, J
81.5 7 2 Creme Anglaise’s La Colle Noire Doherty, J
78 10 2 Dhamadhatu Babbling Brook Walker, J
76.5 12 2 Moonlake My Way Robertson, G
92 1 2 3 Vensuter Wheal Chimes (BIF) Cloke, J
85.5 5 3 Diamond Web Webber, D
79.5 9 3 NL CH Creme Anglaises Sacre Coeur Doherty, J E
72 18 3 NL CH Creme Anglaises Urban Dancer Doherty, J E
85.5 5 4 Laguna Lively Leveret (BIC) Newman, J & Moriarty, E